Where Does Disease Come From?

Most of us have asked ourselves this very question. Usually, it sneaks up on us when we find ourselves coming down with something or facing a diagnosis when we thought we were taking all of the right steps to avoid disease. By learning more about how the body functions, we can be pointed in the right direction so that we aren’t left thinking that disease is all just up to the luck of the draw.

I’m sure that many of you are aware we live in a toxic world. Every day our bodies are exposed to toxins and harmful chemicals. Thankfully, we are equipped with several elimination pathways: the kidneys, the bowels, the lungs, and the skin. These organs take toxins, both those from external sources and the ones created internally from our regular bodily functions, and excrete them. Without these organs, we would not last very long. Afterall, while there are many things we can do to limit our exposure to toxins, we can’t avoid them entirely.

The problem starts when toxins build up and create blockages in our bodies. For some, the blockages will start in the liver, the great detoxifying organ. For others, it might start in the joints. Others still might start in the veins and arteries. Where the blockage starts will determine what type of disease and symptoms occur, but the cause is the same. When your body takes in more toxins than it can eliminate, the junk will begin to accumulate somewhere in the body, and disease will occur.

As toxins build up, the body will try everything it can to compensate and push the toxins out through one or more of the elimination pathways. For example, if something harmful you ingested can’t move through the bowels quickly enough, you might end up with a rash as the body moves the toxins from the digestive system out through the skin. We need to keep all of our elimination pathways in good working order to keep ourselves healthy. If you don’t sweat on a regular basis to cleanse out your pores, your skin is likely clogged and unable to help in detoxification. If you don’t drink enough pure water and urinate throughout the day, your kidneys could use some work. If you never take in deep breathes of clean air through your nose, your respiratory system is weak. If you are eating three meals a day and not eliminating three times per day, your bowels are backed up.

This is why caring for our bodies becomes so important. Without proper care, we can’t expect our bodies to perform at their best and keep all of the junk flowing out. Instead, it accumulates in our bodies until the next available chance to be detoxified. Many of us have toxins that have been sitting in our bodies for years, even decades. In order to avoid disease, we need to cleanse out the toxins and work on any buildups and blockages.

What toxins in your life do you need to work on cleansing?

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