Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning – Fertility Education

Natural Family Planning Fertility Education – Full Course of Instruction $115

Are you interested in learning about your fertility? Are you hoping to avoid the negative side effects of birth control and other contraception methods? Are you struggling with trying to conceive or an irregular cycle? Are you hoping to limit your family size while still using natural methods? Then look no further. Fertility awareness methods have come a long way since the rhythm method, and this course covers the SymptoPro method which is highly effective for family planning (90-97.8% effective when used correctly). This online class is a full course of instruction designed to be completed over the course of 4+ weeks.

SymptoPro Fertility Education has been providing quality, effective, personalized fertility charting instruction for over 35 years, and I am happy to team up with them. We firmly believe that every woman and every couple has the right to understand the way their bodies work and what a woman’s healthy cycle looks like. No matter your reason for learning, we are ready to walk with you, providing personal support, instruction, and expert recommendations through every phase of your reproductive life.

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