Lactation Consultations

Lactation Consultations

As a CLC (Certified Lactation Consultant), I am here to help you as you learn to ride the ins and outs and the highs and lows of breastfeeding. For anyone who is experiencing pain, supply issues, baby weight concerns, or any other struggles, the most important step you can take is finding proper support. As a mama myself, I’ve been there. Nursing my firstborn certainly did not start off easily, but I promise it got better when I learned to do things differently. My goal in these observational yet hands-off consultations is to uncover where you and baby need that extra support and guide you in steps you can take to work together towards resolving issues and reaching your goals.

In Person Consultation – 1 Hour – $70

A one-hour consultation is the best option for mama and baby who need a latch or nursing evaluation. This is best done in person, and I travel within Central Wisconsin to come to your home for this type of consultation so there is no need to pack up everything you and baby will need and travel to an appointment. Virtual consultations may be available for those outside the Central Wisconsin region, but in person is the best for evaluating the nuances of nursing.

Virtual or Phone Consultation – 30 minutes – $40

A half-hour consultation will address questions or concerns that can be adequately resolved without a latch or nursing evaluation. These are available virtually or via a phone call and will be lead by the concerns or questions that you bring forward.

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Refunds consultations are accepted in advance of the scheduled consultation. Once a scheduled consultation has occurred, refunds are no longer permitted.