Cycle Health Packages

Cycle Health Packages

As women, we put up with a lot. But poor cycle health doesn’t have to be on that list. From painful periods and cramping, to wildly irregular cycles or spotting, these issues might be common, but they are far from normal. Instead of masking the issues with hormonal contraception, let’s work on correcting the source of the problem with natural remedies and supplements. These package options are also applicable for women who are discontinuing hormonal contraception and looking to balance their hormones in order to ease the body back into the process of cycling normally.

Basic Package
Email Consult – $40
30 minute Consult (Phone or Virtual) – $50

This package includes a basic cycle evaluation and suggested protocol. Upon completing the package intake form with questions regarding your menstrual health concerns, symptoms, and cycle history, an evaluation will either be sent to you (email package) or discussed at your scheduled appointment (30 minute consult). As part of the email consultation package, one email with follow-up questions is included for your convenience.

Complete Cycle Health Program
Email Consult (Initial) – $160
30 minute Consult (Initial – Phone or Virtual) – $170

For those committed to understanding the in’s and out’s of their cycle and working to improve their overall cycle health, this program includes everything in the basic package and more. Following your initial consultation, you will begin a full course (3 sessions) on tracking your cycle and fertility with SymptoPro Fertility Education, a sympto-thermal method of family planning. Even for those women who have no need to track their fertile windows, the information gained from charting the biomarkers included in this method are incredibly helpful for understanding and evaluating the health of the various phases of the menstrual cycle. Cycle chart reviews are included in this package during the course of training as well as after you have completed the course.

To get started you will need a basal thermometer and a copy of A Couple’s Guide to Fertility, available both in ebook and physical book versions.

Schedule Appointment

Refunds on consultations are accepted in advance of the scheduled consultation. Once a scheduled consultation has occurred, refunds are no longer permitted.