Honoring Your Fertility

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It is possible to plan your family using completely natural methods. And ones that are effective.

Today’s world tends to treat fertility as an inconvenience or as something that needs to be controlled and manipulated.

According to the CDC, 16.2% of married couples have struggled with infertility. And yet, the other portion of the population set on suppressing their fertility has struggles too. Birth control pills have been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, IUDs can cause uterine bleeding, and condoms are only 85% effective for men and 79% effective for women.

So what is a couple to do? Is there a way to honor fertility without suppressing it? Something that could help with avoiding pregnancy as well as achieving it?

Enter natural family planning.

No, I am not talking about the rhythm method. Or ovulation strips. Or costly apps (though tracking with an app can certainly be helpful!). With the right education, all you really need is your own observation, some toilet paper, a place to chart, and a thermometer. That is it. And when done properly, we are talking 90 to 97.8% effectiveness here. That beats several of the common contraceptive options on the market, and without the negative side effects.

And natural family planning can be helpful for more than just avoiding a pregnancy. It is also effective for learning the best times to focus on conception for couples looking to expand their families. With fertility awareness, you learn all parts of the cycle, those that are not fertile and those that are. For couples who are struggling with fertility concerns, this can be an even more important tool because it can help us pinpoint what the potential issue may be. With that knowledge in mind, we can choose the best course of action. This goes for both women with regular and irregular cycles. And yes, it can be effectively used during the postpartum period and during menopause.

The key to its effectiveness is education. A course of instruction is irreplaceable for successful application of natural family planning. There is an instructor, a real person and not just an app, who you can turn to with questions. Having someone there to check your understanding and your correct applications through chart reviews and follow-ups ensures that you are applying the knowledge in the best ways possible for your family planning intentions and goals.

I am proud to offer instruction on natural family planning because I know personally how awesome it can feel to honor our fertile cycles and work with the body instead of against it.

To sign up for the virtual course of instruction, click here. This course is designed to be completed over the course of 4+ weeks and includes video format, reading material, quizzes, emails, and personal support every step of the way.

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