What Is The Best Way To Take Herbs?

Cup of tea with dried herbs

I’ve been asked a number of times, and it is a great question! What is the best way to take herbs? After all, if you are going to spend the time and money to commit to an herbal protocol, you want to make sure that it is going to be effective. Right? Well here it is!

Drum roll please…

For the vast majority of people the best way to take herbs is going to be…whichever way is easiest for you. Now, this may sound like a cop-out, but I promise it isn’t.  If you are going to spend your money on an herbal product with the intention of taking it, you don’t want it to become part of the supplement graveyard of bottles collected but never used. You know what I am talking about. Those are the full bottles at the back of your medicine cabinet that you haven’t touched in a long time. Many herbal protocols include herbal tonics. These are meant to be taken over longer periods of time, such as weeks, months, or even years. To commit to using something for that long, you may as well make it easy on yourself. Even if you are using herbs short term, if you get them in the form that you like best you will be more likely to use them. And you can’t get the benefit from them unless you use them.

For some people that is going to be herbal teas. Others might need capsules. And for some that may mean tinctures and extracts. Each one has pros and cons and might be considered better or worse than another at certain times. But if your goal is to use herbs in your health protocols, you truly need to get herbs that fit your lifestyle. Personally, I am a tincture and extract kind of gal. My husband won’t touch it unless I put it in a capsule. For children, I find extracts to be super easy because they can be dropped directly into the mouth. The bottom line is, get them in a way you will use them.

A word on emergencies…

Emergencies are times we may need to consider using other forms of herbs than we typically enjoy. Most people don’t turn to herbs for emergencies, but it is important to note for those considering it. Capsules, while convenient, are not the best option as most veggie capsules take roughly 7 minutes to digest in the stomach. Teas can be useful, but they can take time to make. Emergencies don’t typically offer a lot of time for taking action. If you need an herbal remedy fast, you will likely need a tincture or an extract. They are concentrated, convenient, can be taken directly, and they travel well.

So the next time you pick out your herbs, make sure that you get them in the right form for you!

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